Meet Our Team

Jessica Arevalo

Marketing Director

Michelle Camara

Deputy Director

Vincent Cheung


Rebecca DiPaola

Marketing Assistant

Lanetra Georgieva


Amy Gomme

Executive Director

Susan Gonzalez

Youth and Family Services Manager

Alise Harding

Service Coordinator

Benjamin Joss

Employment Services Manager

Christina Litzau

Family Mentor

Michael Mendoza

Interpreter Scheduler

Andy Mitchell

Employment Specialist

Roberta Monroe

Interpreting Services Coordinator

Joey Moss

Deaf Community Center Manager

Sonya Rodrigues-Romero

Director of Grants and Funding

Michael Schmidt

Employment Specialist

Danielle Silk

Youth Services Coordinator

Kata Strawn

Office Coordinator

Mark Vanni

Employment Specialist

Patricia Vanni

Finance Director

Kevin Way Jr

Interpreter Scheduler

Renu Whetstone

Family Services Coordinator

Michelle Yook


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