Meet Our Team

Jessica Arevalo

Marketing Assistant

Frances Biderman

Advocacy Services Manager

Image of Debby Buchan, a pale-skinned female with curry gray hair and glasses, smiling at the camera.

Deborah Buchan

Program Developer

Image of Fatima Currimbhoy, a light brown-skinned female with long black hair and glasses, smiling at the camera.

Fatima Currimbhoy

Interpreting Services Manager

Joan Fritz

Interpreter Scheduler

Amy Gomme

Deputy Director

Susan Gonzalez

Systemic Advocacy Coordinator

Ted Horton-Billard

Ted Horton-Billard


Sabina Infante

Interperting Services Manager

David Jimenez

Community Educator

Nathan Johnston


Kathy Jones

Interpreter Scheduling Assistant

Ayisha Knight-Shaw

Community Educator

Stephanie Knight-Shaw

Business Liaison

Byung Lim

Employment Specialist

Kelly McCrary

Family Services Coordinator

Andy Mitchell

Employment Specialist

Joey Moss

Deaf Community Center Manager

Alise Harding


Wendy Oto-Nacol

Accounting Manager

Ann Lynn Parker

Community Education Program Manager

Samantha Poteet


Raymond Rodgers

Executive Director

Bradley Rodrigues

System Administrator

Ian Sanborn

Community Services Coordinator

Michael Schmidt

Lead Employment Specialist

Danielle Silk

Youth Services Coordinator

Kata Strawn

Office Coordinator

Amber Tansey


Image of an generic avatar used for camera-shy staff,

Gabrielle Totten

Accounting Assistant

Mark Vanni

Employment Specialist

Patricia Vanni

Finance Director

Jillian Vickers

Jillian Vickers

Office Manager

Michelle Yook