DCARA offers several programs
to meet special populations

DCARA provides seven categories of services for all D/HH/LD/DB community members and their families: communication access assistance, independent living skills, employment services, peer counseling, information & referral services, advocacy, and community education.


Help Deaf and Hard of Hearing people remove communication barriers, develop and achieve personal goals, empower self-determination and celebrate their language, identity and culture.  

ASL Classes

Learn ASL in the heart of the Deaf community. Begin your discovery and exploration of the Deaf community and its culture by learning its language and means of expression. You will have fun, learn a new way to communicate and challenge yourself in a meaningful way.


Provides information, resources, and tools that will enable job seekers to continue to be an integral and contributing part of their community, maintain their sense of dignity, enhance their sense of well-being, and improve the quality of their lives.

Family Connections

Empower parents with linguistically and culturally accessible information and training that supports optimal parenting skills, and promotes the linguistic, cultural, social, emotional, physical health and safety of their children.

Job & Literacy Program

A Language, Employment, Assessment and Development (LEAD) Training Program for the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, DeafBlind, and Late-Deafened Community.


Sign Language interpreters for deaf people in all kinds of environment to be able to communicate with everybody. Top notch quality interpreters with efficient processing service. We also provide other communication accommodations such as Deaf Interpreters (CDI/DI) and any other special accommodations upon request by contacting us. 

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