Meet Our Faces Behind the Front Desk. We Manage Your Intake!

Alise Harding

Service Coordinator

Kata Strawn

Office Coordinator

Intake Process




1. Call Front Desk – 510-343-6670 or Email at
2. Client will need to do the Intake Form
3. Office Coordinator will refer the client to the Service Coordinator
When the Service Coordinator contact you, you will need to do 3 more forms:
Full Intake
CRR (Client Responsibility Rights)
ROI (Release of Information)
The Service Coordinator will refer the client to assigned staff based on your needs.

Need an interpreter? We've got you covered!

Michael Mendoza

Interpreter Scheduler

Roberta Monroe

Interpreting Services Coordinator

Kevin Way Jr

Interpreter Scheduler

Meet The Team Behind Our Social Media

Jessica Arevalo

Marketing Director

Rebecca DiPaola

Marketing Assistant

A Magician Who Makes DCARA Sparkle

Joey Moss

Facilities Manager

Meet Our Passionate & Fierce Leaders at DCARA

Michelle Camara

Deputy Director

Amy Gomme

Executive Director

Sonya Rodrigues-Romero

Director of Grants and Funding

Patricia Vanni

Finance Director

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