DCARA Interpreting is a deaf managed non profit providing interpreting services which allows for on site and video communication between hearing people and deaf people in Bay Area, California.

Seamless Interpreting Process

Online Platform

Our online platform allows you to input the jobs and we’d immediately fill them with available interpreters. No more calls back and forth with a lot of headache. We take care of everything with our platform to ensure your requests are filled quickly.

Qualified Interpreters

All of our interpreters are certified and are best qualified to provide top notch communication experience between the client and deaf people.

Affordable Rates

Our reasonable rates are attractive because of low overhead costs with the platform support. We rely on more of technology to manage the costs so we can ensure our community has access to communication.

Request Interpreting Service

Give us a try today by contacting us at:
Email: interpreter@dcara.org
Phone/Video: 408-899-5088

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