DCARA provides a wide-range of services for our community members and their families such as communication access assistance, independent living skills, employment services, peer counseling, information & referral, advocacy services, and community education that empower Deaf people to live independent and productive lives, with full access to the rights, privileges, and opportunities available to the general public

Meet the Team

Michelle Camara
Interim Community Empowerment Services Manager
Vincent Cheung
Community Empowerment Specialist
Lanetra Georgieva
Community Empowerment Specialist
Michelle Yook
Community Empowerment Specialist


DOJ (Department of Justice)

EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

CODIE (Center on Deafness-Inland Empire)

DHHSC (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center)

DSC (Deaf Community Services of San Diego)

GLAD (Greater Los Angeles on Deafness)

NorCal (NorCal Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing)

OC-DEAF (Orange County Deaf Equal Access Foundation)

TriCounty GLAD

DCCS (Deaf Community Counseling Services)

DCS (Deaf Counseling Center)

NDT (National Deaf Therapy)

Where to report

  • 1-833-401-0832

Gather and Trade (Estate Planning and Financial Consultant)

BACDSC (Bay Area Coalition of Deaf Senior Citizens)

BAADA (Bay Area Asian Deaf Association)

BABDA (Bay Area Black Deaf Advocates)

SFDC (San Francisco Deaf Club)

California Association of the Deaf


  • Alameda:

  • Contra Costa:

  • Del Norte:

  • Humboldt:

  • Lake:

  • Marin:

  • Mendocino:

  • Napa:

  • Santa Clara:

  • Santa Cruz:

  • San Francisco:

– Compass Family Services: 49 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94102

  • San Mateo:

  • Solano:

  • Sonoma:

Elizabeth Grigsby


P&R Taxes

How to Get Started      510-343-6670

What can the Community Empowerment Services Department support the Community Members with?

The Community Empowerment Services provide for individuals and groups who self-identify Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, DeafPlus, Hard of Hearing and/or LateDeafened.

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Service Area

DCARA provides service to the 14 following counties in California:

  • Alameda

  • Contra Costa

  • Del Norte

  • Humboldt

  • Lake

  • Marin

  • Mendocino

  • Napa

  • San Francisco

  • San Mateo

  • Santa Clara

  • Santa Cruz

  • Solano

  • Sonoma

If your county is not listed here, please visit here to see which organization can serve you. 

7 Categories

Communication Services

1. Document Translation
2. Equipment Demonstration
3. Interpreting Assistance
4. Phone Mentoring

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Job Development and Placement

The individuals will be prepared to find and maintain employment for a minimum of 6 months. Employers will have the knowledge to create an accessible workplace for their Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, DeafPlus, Hard of Hearing and/or LateDeafened employees.

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Peer Counseling

Peer counseling is provided to support clients to process information to promote and support their sense of wellbeing.

Peer Counseling include the following:
1. Education on sense of the health and wellbeing
2. Space for 1:1 interaction
3. Identity development and awareness
4. Support emotion and grief
5. Cultural understanding and awareness
6. Offer safe spaces to share
7. Education, Understanding, and Awareness

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Information & Referral

When individuals, families, and communities have questions about service resources such as Deaf* community, hearing loss, home care, housing, assistive devices, events and health care. Information & Referral are available for you all!

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Advocacy Services

Clients will have increased access to employment, education, and other services provided by both private and public agencies and businesses.

Advocacy Services include the following:
1. Systemic Advocacy
2. Legal Advocacy
3. Self-Advocacy
4. Family Advocacy
5. Youth Advocacy

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Community Education

DCARA offers Community Education to advance community-learning and sustainability. The aim of Community Education is to equip communities with the skills they need for full meaningful, and autonomous participation in everyday life. Community Education goes beyond educating individuals by providing education to communities and groups.

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Independent Living Skills Instruction

The Independent Living Skills (ILS) Instruction helps clients in learning new and healthy independent living skills.

ILS services are provided in the following manners:
1. Individual services
2. Classes and/or workshops
3. Community education events
4. Webinars
5. Educational vlogs

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Download the Community Empowerment Services Postcards: ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL

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