Thank you for your interest in joining DCARA Board!

Please use this form to provide relevant information about yourself.


1. Each Board Member shall serve a 3-year term on the Board.

2. Each Board Member shall attend a minimum of four events a year (includes board meetings, committee meetings, and 2 DCARA events).

3. Each Board Member shall attend the quarterly Board of Directors meetings.

4. Each Board Member shall participate in at least one committee. The following list are some committees that are either established or may be established: DCC Future, Event Planning, Finance/Investment, Fundraising, Recruitment, Strategic Planning.

5. Each Board Member shall stay informed about committee matters and are prepared for meetings. The chair of each committee share report to the full Board of Director to ensure that everyone is fully informed.

6. Each Board Member shall form and maintain collegial working relationships with DCARA staff and the Deaf Bay Area community.

7. Each Board Member shall attend mandatory orientation and training.

8. All Board Members are accountable for making sure DCARA is well represented as DCARA Board of Directors in the community and social media.


The application package must have the following items to be considered complete:

  • Complete Board Application
  • Three references (2 professional and Community)
  • 3-minute video of yourself answering three questions

(if assistance is needed, don’t hesitate to contact, and we can set up a time and place to record you)

    • Explain how DCARA’s mission and core value applies to your professional and personal life.
    • Explain your knowledge of the Board Structure.
    • Why should we consider you as Board of Directors?
  • A background check is mandatory due to serving families and children.

(The background check will be conducted should you be selected as a new Board Member. DCARA will pay for the cost.)


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