If you are interested in being on the DCARA board, please do so!

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Board of Directors

Jerry Grigsby

Rosalyn Ramos

Kalexin Baoerjiin

Upcoming Board Meetings

 Date: August 15, 2023, Tuesday

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m PST

Location: Facebook Live (Click here)



Attendance: Board

Order of Business


1. Call to Order


2. Approval of Previous Special Meeting Minutes
– May, 2023


3. Board’s Reports
– Board at Large


4. Reports from DCARA Executive Director (Amy Gomme)


5. Ad Hoc Committee
– Board Recruitment (Roz Ramos-Barry)
– Deaf Community Center (Open)
– Fundraising (Open)


6. Unfinished Business
– Bylaw Committee
– Recruitment Committee


7. New Business
– Motions carried via email
– New Business


8. Executive Session (Board Only)


9. Comments and Announcements
– DCARA 60+1 Gala event – October 21, 2023


10. Adjournment

Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes

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